Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday update...

I wasn't able to do too much today. I got a phone call telling me that I had to go to the Badger Reunion today, so I finished the light blue and then washed everything (including a shower for me). I thought I'd blog before I go. Here are more pictures of the progress!

What's left!? Well, if you haven't already noticed, the dark green stripe in the closet has only had one coat, and the dark green strip shown in this picture also only has one coat.

Besides that, all I have left is the light green for the top stripe in the closet and the other three sides of the bedroom that aren't dark green. After I do those I will need to take a very small brush to all my lines to make them straighter. I'm getting excited, I think it's starting to look pretty nice!

Let's just hope that all the colors match the bed spread and curtains well! :)


The Ranch! said...

Holy Frioles!!!!
Slow down before I need another nap!!!

The Ranch! said...

I hope I spelled that right since I don't speak spanish!

Roger & Victoria said...

Ash, it looks awesome!