Saturday, September 29, 2007

Random part 2

Last night a couple of my friends and I decided to sleep outside. We had a big peice of plastic (left over from when we finished our basement) and 6 sleeping bags between the three of us... it was going to be super comfy! Well, we went to be around 1 or 2 this morning and probably an hour later it started to rain pretty hard. I grabbed the plastic on my side and put it on top of us. It worked for a while, but the plastic on the other side started to creat a swimming pool and Emily was getting soaked! We still decided to stick it out for a while longer, but finally at 5:30 this morning we went inside to sleep. It has been snowing all day... pretty great night to sleep among the stars huh!?

Friday, September 21, 2007


I've decided to start telling you some of my random experiences, teaching randomly fun things, and/or just posting random things on my blog... let me know if you have any random thoughts on this!

First of all...
Today I enjoyed my first bicycle pump! To give someone a pump is to let them sit on your seat while you pedal them somewhere. Well, my friend decided to give me a 'pump' to her house after class (completely on the other side of campus). Well, talk about technical difficulties! For starters she is a whole lot taller than I am and had to basically tilt her bike sideways for my hindquarters to get on the seat! When she tried to put her foot on the pedal we realized that her backpack was way too full for me to fit behind it, so I put her pack on top of mine... pretty heavy! And both of them together probably hung out a few feet behind me!
Well, I finally got on and she started going. Every time there were people in front of us she would slow down and I thought we'd fall over, every bump hurt me making my legs fall even more asleep, and I felt like I was going to fall backwards because of how back-heavy I was. Other than that it was a rather enjoyable experience! :) Too bad I don't have a picture to show you how funny it must have looked. I don't know if it was just how we looked that made everyone look. I guess it could have been the fact that I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe; they were probably just waiting for me to fall off!

Second peice of randomness...
I was telling Elisa about pringle surfing, so here's a picture of my friend and I pringle surfing in Arizona last month. It's amazing how much fun simple things can be when you're in a desert!
P.S. It's a lot harder than it looks!!!

I'm really glad that this blogger thing saves the things you do as drafts when you accidently hit the back button in the middle of writing. I was just about to post this when I did the unthinkable... hurray for google!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Song(s) of the Week...

This is awesome!!!
Follow the links below to hear Yusuf(Peace Train has an awesome blues part at the end) What a life!
The Wind
Peace Train
On The Road To Find Out

The GROUP!!!

This is the awesome group that I worked with this summer...

Weekend Adventures...

The first two pictures are of our packsaddle adventure. It's a BEAUTIFUL place about an hour from Rexburg... everyone should go!

These last three pictures are of my first rock climbing experience... don't look too close because I really didn't know what I was doing.

Weekend Adventures continued... TableRock!!!

What an awesome, hard, sweet, tiring, enjoyable hike... I want to do it again!

And of course...

The adventures on the job...