Monday, April 20, 2009

Migranes and New Years Resolutions...

So, this year I've been trying all sorts of things to get rid of my migranes. I even went over a week without putting on any makeup. Let me tell you, I've tried the sleep things, exercising, medications, drinking more water, washing my hair every day and even some meditation, Well, I'm GOING to figure this thing out!

Yesterday when I was on my way home from church I saw my Aunt Maxine walking up Barney Dairy Rd. towards my house. She had decided to walk to my house from hers (3 miles) and back. So, I think we might do that 6 mile walk three times a week this summer. It has been so beautiful outside this past week... so hopefully it doesn't snow tomorrow.

So, I am going to keep eating healthy, keep exercising, keep drinking water, keep trying to sleep on-my-back-in-a-straight-line for at least 8 hours every night, keep washing my hair every day, and even keep meditating (as often as I can).

My goal: Go two whole weeks without a single migrane! :)
Deadline: Age 28 (Deadline? Can you tell I'm still in school!?)

Breakfast this morning: