Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BATH... and then play!!!

Well, this week Bella hasn't been smelling all that great. So, when I got home from being gone all day I gave her a bath first thing! Then we played for a bit before her bedtime.

She doesn't like to take a bath too much, but today she did pretty well! Here are some pictures of that experience:

Playing fetch is something she's super good at! We play outside when the weather is nice. If not, inside we play! I'll throw her rope in another room and this is what she'll do:

(Here eyes look a little spooky here, but that's not really what she looks like... just in case you were wondering!) :)

She's super cute when she drops her toy right next to me because she's just waiting for me to get excited about it!

Occasionally she will plays with it for a bit before bringing it to me. She's getting way too big and is starting to be too smart for her own good.

I'm in the process of teaching Bella how to stand for long periods of time. It's hard for her to remember what she's supposed to do because she gets too excited about the posibility of a treat. :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Last Minute Photo Shoot...

So, I have been wanting to take updated pictures... I had plenty of good hair/outfit days, but on those days I was too busy for a photo shoot.

Well, I was at class all day (one of which is a water aerobics class where I happened to wipe off most of my makeup and soak the bottom half of my hair/head).

On top of all that, the first thing that I did when I got home was change into play clothes so that Bella won't ruin any more of my 'nice' things.

Anyhow, that is why this photo shoot wasn't very big and I wasn't particularly 'dressed for the occasion' and then some! :)

The point of this all was to just show you how big Bella is getting already so focus less on me and more on her! Thanks!

So, Bella was a lot easier to photograph when she was a pup... now she's just an overgrown baby, bless her heart! :)

In this last picture Bella was supposed to be laying by me, but she kept moving... finally she layed down exactly how she was supposed to, but not quite in the spot that I had in mind...