Thursday, September 22, 2011

4 Months!!!

Benson likes to hold his own bottle/toys/feet/teething things... sometimes he likes to act like a 2-year-old and throw a fit if you don't let him do things himself! Benson has been teething for a couple months and those darn teeth don't want to pop out of his gums. Poor guy! Besides teething and his occasional I-do-it tantrums, Benson is so sweet! He loves to play with his toys and his feet. Benson has started arching his back and rolling on his side in order to see what else there is to look at. Last night he actually fell asleep in that position... not sure how! I wanted to take a picture, but I was afraid the flash would wake him. :)

At his 4 month appointment Benson measured in the 70th percentile for weight (15.9 lbs), 74th percentile for head circumference (17 in), and a whopping 99th percentile for height (27.5 in)! He's growing way too fast!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Benson is slowly learning to sit with less and less support. I can't believe how big he is!