Monday, August 9, 2010

New addition to the family...


Yep, Trav and I got a puppy! She is half Westie half Yorkie. They said the Westie genes are more dominate... we hope so, cause we both like Westies and aren't too excited about the Yorkies. But, we'll be attached no matter what she grows up to look like. :)

Pictures of West Highland White Terrier (Westie) Dogs

Pictures of Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) Dogs

Trav wanted her to have a strong name, dad mentioned Bertha. Trav liked it... Gee thanks, dad! ;) We thought of Helga and a million other names. Trav said Lillie, and it stuck. Trav was talking to the puppy and said, "Hang on little tiger" or something to that effect. Mom said Tiger Lillie... Trav and I both liked it... strong, yet girly. PLUS, she acts like a cat... she needs her claws trimmed, cause she can climb about anything. The people we bought her from said one of their dogs would climb trees to chace squirls. They also had a chain-link fence, but they had to change it to a plastic fence because the dogs would climb it. Their white fence they had to keep adding to because their dogs would jump it. They said their dog could clear their, somewhere close to, 5 foot fence without even touching it... CRAZY!

Anyhow, we're excited to have her! Saturday night (her first night here) she slept until 4 am... then we put her on our bed so we could sleep another hour or two. Well, I guess that was a BIG mistake! Last night she was pooped by 9. So, we went to bed at ten. She cried all night. I either took her outside or told her no and put her back in her bed around 11:45, 1:30, 3:00, and 5:30. Yeah, she's breaking us in to the family life, I guess. We might have to put her in the storage room behind the garage until she's potty trained and the house is baby/doggy proof. :) Good times!

She sure is cute though and I know she'll be a good dog once she's trained... it's just the training that will leave us with sleepless nights and many messes to clean up. ;)

Leaving her mother and being in a vehicle for the first time...

After her first bath. She was freezing and super sleepy.

She is now obsessed with leaves... thanks again dad! ;)

Mom decided we needed pictures of our new little "family."

After her crazy night last night... after we were up and ready for our days, Lillie decided she was tired. Thanks Lillie! ;)

Sunday, August 8, 2010


A couple weeks ago Tiffany called to see if I would want to go with her and the kids to Heise the next day. Did I ever! :) It was sure a fun trip! We spent our time in the swimming pool (that had a diving board) and down the water slide (separate from the swimming pool).

Here are some of the pictures we took (sure glad I brought my camera... the pictures were a blast to take)! :)

Water Slide Intermission:

I took Zachary down twice... he cried the whole way down both times. Maybe next year!? :)

Brandt and I waiting in line for our turn to go down! :)

There goes Aubrey...


and Caitlyn!

Brandt definately liked it WAY better than Zachary did! :)

Back to the pool for more pictures.

I really don't know how everyone stayed under the water AND opened their eyes... I couldn't focus on opening my eyes and focus on trying to stay under at the same time. Next time we'll have to go to the deep end! :)

Man, Tif, how did you do that!?