Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One of the BEST movies of all time!!!

Here's a funny clip from one of my favorite movies of all time! ENJOY!!!

Buona notte principessa (e principe)!!!

CES Fireside party... or, spiritual gathering!?

After my hair experience Carey and I ran over to a dinner with friends. Then a group of us ran back over to my house to watch the CES Fireside on the big screen. I love these girls!!! It was hard to try and take a picture while you're in it! :)

For Plessl!!!

I've been wanting to die my hair again. I told my friend, Emily--the one who broke her leg, that I would let her pick the color. They didn't have the right color at walmart, but I called her and she helped me pick one similar, but darker...

Carey came over to die my hair and it was quite the experience! She was also one of the girls that cut my hair with a knife down in the Grand Canyon. It was only natural that she die it! ;)

Happy Halloween... just a tad bit late!

Well, mom accidently misplaced her camera a little over a week ago. She found it today!!! :) Hurray for pictures!

Our ward was having an activity and we were supposed to dress up. I didn't really want to dress up and was really cranky the week of Thanksgiving because I had been sick for quite a while. Anyhow, I told my friend that I felt like Oscar and she, just as a joke, told me to dress up as Oscar. Well, I had about 15 minutes to get ready, so mom threw some paint on a paper and I went! :)

When Candace saw me walk in she laughed really hard! She thought I was going to come without dressing up, but NOPE!! It turned out to be pretty fun!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

New Blogger Member!!!

Welcome to the blogging world EmilyAlicePlessl!
You'll be hooked before you know it! ;)
I love you!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's Film Festival Time...

So, Kristen's brother and his friends created an awesome clip for the film festival. They had 24 hours to write, film, edit, export and upload a 3 minute film! They did an amazing job! If you want to see the film click on the picture below!

The Update...

Well, not long after our win last Wednesday night a friend of ours was hit by a car while walking to her ultimate game. She's okay, but broke both bones right above her ankle. I didn't find out about it until Thursday and we decided to go visit her after the game Thursday night.
Our game Thursday night was pretty sad. I don't think anyone on our team seemed too focused on the game. That mixed with the other team's talent made for a ruff game.

Inspite of the beating, we still had a great time together!

Well, our flag football season is over, but the floor hockey is about to start!!! :)

Here's a picture of a few of our team visiting Emily Plessl right after the game. We met there with some other girls that we worked with this summer.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Whipper Snappers Continue!!!

Well, it was a super cold game, but we played really well! Hurray!!! We are going to play tomorrow night at 7pm. Wish us luck!

Here's a little clip for you... This is NOT how we won by the way! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quick note...

The Tournament has begun!!! Tomorrow night (wednesday) at 7pm we play our first game of the single elimination bracket. If we win that game we will be playing the following day (thursday) at the same time! Wish us luck everyone!!! I'll let you all know how it goes!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

We ARE the Champions!!! - Song of the Week!

So, this is definately the song of the week!
This movie clip is super long, so you don't have to watch it all. Plus, they aren't even playing the right sport! :)

Well, I don't have pictures to share this time, but we had our second flag football game just now. The first game I was able to catch an interception... this time I got TWO of them! We were rocking the field! Wish you could all come play; it's amazing!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Undefeated WHIPPER SNAPPERS!!!

Here we are... fierce, determined, and ready to go!!!

Then we got our game faces on!!!

Parents came to cheer us on and my dad kept score!

It was a great game! We played an amazing game and we WON!!! Hurray for a great defeat!

Monday, October 8, 2007

CRAZY Connections!!!

So, the girl that gave me the 'pump' on her bike and that was part of my winter campout it Kristen Lee. She's from Logan, Utah and she's pretty much the bomb!
This is a picture of one of her crazy poses... she's hilarious!
Kristen and I worked together at Badger Creek this summer. One weekend part of her family came up to visit and I wanted to meet them so I told Kristen to come home with me to Rexburg and they could pick her up there. My parents were out of town that weekend, but there was a small picture of my mom's family in front of the Logan temple that Kristen's mom saw and was looking at. Since they are from Logan the had met my grandparents a few times and it was fun to have that connection.

Well, last weekend I was in Utah for Conference and I ended up going to Kristen's house Saturday night to spend the night watch the Sunday sessions. Saturday night I was asking Kristen where she grew up and where all she had lived. She was born in Provo, lived in Springville, moved to Europe, moved to St. George and then to Logan. It's always fun to find out that a friend lived so close to you at one point in both your lives.

On Sunday Kristen's parents started to ask some questions about my family. They asked how long we had lived in Rexburg and I told them that we just moved there a couple years ago. So, they asked where I lived before that and I told them Kooskia, Idaho. Then Kristen's dad asked what my dad did in Kooskia and if he still did it now. I told them that he did computer stuff for a company out of California. She the mom asked me what company and I told them Cadence. Then her dad's eyes got huge and he asked me what my father's name was. I told him Stan Benedict and they both freaked out! It was sooo funny and it scared me at the same time; I think I jumped. Anyhow, come to find out Kristen's dad worked with my dad before my dad got his job with Cadence! They would play raquetball and basketball together. Kristen and I went to work parties together when when she was 0-2 and I was 3-5! Crazy huh!?

This isn't my favorite picture, but it's one of my only pictures that I have with just the two of us... we'll have to do something about that!
It's so weird to me how many chances some of us have to become friends with spacific people. Kristen and I saw each other when we started our morality. We both lived in Logan at the same time, but never knew each other. Her brother moved into my USU student ward right after I moved out of it. Then we are both going to school at BYU-Idaho and have known a handful of the same people, but didn't make a connection until Badger Creek... what crazyness!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Random part 2

Last night a couple of my friends and I decided to sleep outside. We had a big peice of plastic (left over from when we finished our basement) and 6 sleeping bags between the three of us... it was going to be super comfy! Well, we went to be around 1 or 2 this morning and probably an hour later it started to rain pretty hard. I grabbed the plastic on my side and put it on top of us. It worked for a while, but the plastic on the other side started to creat a swimming pool and Emily was getting soaked! We still decided to stick it out for a while longer, but finally at 5:30 this morning we went inside to sleep. It has been snowing all day... pretty great night to sleep among the stars huh!?

Friday, September 21, 2007


I've decided to start telling you some of my random experiences, teaching randomly fun things, and/or just posting random things on my blog... let me know if you have any random thoughts on this!

First of all...
Today I enjoyed my first bicycle pump! To give someone a pump is to let them sit on your seat while you pedal them somewhere. Well, my friend decided to give me a 'pump' to her house after class (completely on the other side of campus). Well, talk about technical difficulties! For starters she is a whole lot taller than I am and had to basically tilt her bike sideways for my hindquarters to get on the seat! When she tried to put her foot on the pedal we realized that her backpack was way too full for me to fit behind it, so I put her pack on top of mine... pretty heavy! And both of them together probably hung out a few feet behind me!
Well, I finally got on and she started going. Every time there were people in front of us she would slow down and I thought we'd fall over, every bump hurt me making my legs fall even more asleep, and I felt like I was going to fall backwards because of how back-heavy I was. Other than that it was a rather enjoyable experience! :) Too bad I don't have a picture to show you how funny it must have looked. I don't know if it was just how we looked that made everyone look. I guess it could have been the fact that I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe; they were probably just waiting for me to fall off!

Second peice of randomness...
I was telling Elisa about pringle surfing, so here's a picture of my friend and I pringle surfing in Arizona last month. It's amazing how much fun simple things can be when you're in a desert!
P.S. It's a lot harder than it looks!!!

I'm really glad that this blogger thing saves the things you do as drafts when you accidently hit the back button in the middle of writing. I was just about to post this when I did the unthinkable... hurray for google!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Song(s) of the Week...

This is awesome!!!
Follow the links below to hear Yusuf(Peace Train has an awesome blues part at the end) What a life!
The Wind
Peace Train
On The Road To Find Out

The GROUP!!!

This is the awesome group that I worked with this summer...

Weekend Adventures...

The first two pictures are of our packsaddle adventure. It's a BEAUTIFUL place about an hour from Rexburg... everyone should go!

These last three pictures are of my first rock climbing experience... don't look too close because I really didn't know what I was doing.

Weekend Adventures continued... TableRock!!!

What an awesome, hard, sweet, tiring, enjoyable hike... I want to do it again!

And of course...

The adventures on the job...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Decent!

The start of our journey was pretty hard, but very much worth it! We had to drive about 6 hours from Las Vegas, so we started our hike down in the middle of a pretty hot day! There were some amazing views along the way. I tried to capture the jist of the trip so that I wouldn't use up all my camera batteries before actually getting to the falls.The first picture is of Carey and I at the top of the Grand Canyon. The next two show my five fellow hikers and what we had to hike down at the beginning. Then the last two pictures show the hike at bottom of the canyon.

This last picture is my favorite! We were hiking through rocks for a few miles and finally we saw our first sign of life (besides sagebrush and cactus). It was beautiful!

Water In Sight!

Our first sign of water!!!More water! :)
Surely we must be getting close to the village now!
Tyler and Carey ended up running ahead so they could make it to the office before it closed. They ended up getting there about ten minutes before the office was supposed to close... close call! I didn't take pictures of the village. It was an amazing sight! Probably had more horses and dogs than people, and yet there are two churches and a school there!
After the village we hiked another two miles to Havasu Falls...