Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Update...

Well, not long after our win last Wednesday night a friend of ours was hit by a car while walking to her ultimate game. She's okay, but broke both bones right above her ankle. I didn't find out about it until Thursday and we decided to go visit her after the game Thursday night.
Our game Thursday night was pretty sad. I don't think anyone on our team seemed too focused on the game. That mixed with the other team's talent made for a ruff game.

Inspite of the beating, we still had a great time together!

Well, our flag football season is over, but the floor hockey is about to start!!! :)

Here's a picture of a few of our team visiting Emily Plessl right after the game. We met there with some other girls that we worked with this summer.


Heather said...

Poor girl, at least she's ok, besides some broken bones.

I loved your football posts. You are always having so much fun. I can't wait for floor hockey!

Hassler Family said...

I hope you will be playing floor hockey or even some other sport (maybe fencing?) when we come for Thanksgiving. I really want to watch you sister! :) Love you!

Travis and Lindsey said...

Thats so sad for your friend! Hopefully she has a speedy recovery! On a much happier note, I am glad you are having so much fun!!!

Brooke Leonardson said...

You are amazing and I love your blog and all the service that you are constantly doing for others! You are one of the truest friends that I have every met.