Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's (mostly) FINISHED!!!

I picked up my pants today at the store while mom worked away at finishing the Geneological Tree picture (which she and my dad had hung by the time I got home)!

Here are the plants I picked out to put in these little pots. I was to excited when I got home to wait, so I had to take a picture right away! My first plants!!! I hope they live!

The next pictures are kind of like a panoramic view of the room. Starting from the left wall next to the door.

Side note: while mom was going through the closet downstairs I noticed a piano/keyboard that we hadn't used for a while. I realized it's stand was missing a bolt, but after a little searching in the garage I found something to fit it! Then I decided to make a place for it in my room! :) The tree is further down that same wall... or at least the little plant that will turn into a tree! Plants are just cheaper and super cute when they are small, what can I say!?

Here is my bed! The little pillow on top is the only thing I haven't finished. I just folded the material around it for picture purposes! You can also see the finished potted plants in the window.

Here is a close up of those little plants. I'm so excited about these plants!

Next to the bed is the desk/painting area and then there's the closet!

Here's another angle of the room.

Then I just had to add a close up of this steal of a deal! I went to the store on Monday and looked at all the plants and I just loved this one. The price tag said 10.99. He said another shipment would be coming in on Thursday (today) and so I decieded to wait. Well, when I got there today I still liked this one the best! When I asked about it the man said it was kind of having a hard time and needed some extra tlc, so he'd give it to me for 5.99! I was sooo excited! It's such a cute plant! It's called an umbrella plant and if I let it grow it will just keep going until it's quite large!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The painting...

It's hard to see the yellow color on these first two. They were taken outside and for some reason it didn't show well.

If you click on this second one then you can see the light green paint.

This pictures shows the flower pattern that mom helped me design. The paper that we drew the flower on was in a roll and so it wasn't flat enough to tape to the material, hense the bowls and plate.

Mom took pictures of me painting. It was quite fun!!! :)

I'm still trying to decide if I want to put more coats on or leave it abstract...ish!? Then when I'm done painting for sure I still need to paint the outside edges dark green.

Last weekend...

The weekend Travis and Lindsey were here we got back from the cabin a couple hours before Jason, Tiffany, Caitlyn, Aubrey, Jase, Brandt, Amy, Mckenzie, Ethan, Asher, Elisa, Hailey, Heidi, Alexa and Ashley came to see them. It was fun to have everyone here! Amy and Elisa and their kids were able to stay for the week. Not long after they had left I was on to finishing my room!

I put the material on my frames...

put the coat of gesso on them...

started to paint the yellow/gold color on them...

and while I waited for them to dry...

I finished my duvet cover! :)

Update from two weeks ago...

My brother Travis and sister-in-law Lindsey were coming for a visit the weekend of August 8th-11th. I still had a ways to go on my room, but was very determined the week before to get it done before they got there.

I made the frames for my wall hanging...

stuffed EVERYTHING I own in my closet...

and made my bed. I wasn't able to sew my duvet cover before they got her, but I just put it on for show!

I was down to the wire on all these projects! I had a couple late nights... the night before they came I was able to finish putting everything I owned back into my room, clean the other downstairs bedroom and got almost 5 hours of sleep before finishing and half getting ready before we went to the airport to pick them up!

It was good to have them visit! We spent a couple nights at my grandparent's cabin in Island park. We played lots of games, ate lots and took lots of pictures! :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Waiting on the paint...

Well, I went to Walmart today to get more paint, since I ran out late last night.

They didn't have the base that I needed, so I asked if mom would grab some for me while she was in Idaho Falls.

Since the painting wasn't going to happen and because of the fact that I was already at Walmart... I decided to buy some canvas material.

I also went to a lumber place and bought the wood.

Then I sewed the curtains...

and hung them...

sewed together and ironed the two pieces of material for the top of the duvet cover...

called to ask if I might be able to use Uncle Russ' saw to cut all the wood into pieces...

and he ended up cutting them for me and they look super!!! Thanks again, Uncle Russ!

These are my three frames that I still need to put together. The wood around them is some extra that uncle Russ cut into 16inch pieces so that I can make a square frame for something else.

Now I'm going to bed!!!

Room Update...

Well, here are a few updates of my room. Today I was mostly working on detail work. I used white paint to touch up my lines in the closet.

I also added a second coat to most of this wall:

And a first coat to these small walls:

Then I ran out of that color of paint, so I'll have to get to the store tomorrow to buy a little more. The paint is getting closer to being done though! :) I'm getting excited to really start on the other things.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Splash Park!!!

Last Saturday Jason, Dad, my friend Sarah and I took Caitlyn, Aubrey, Jase and Brandt to the splash park! It was a cool overcast morning, but around noon time it got real hot outside and pretty soon we were on our way!!!

Caitlyn and Aubrey rode with my friend and I. On the drive Aubrey and Caitlyn mentioned that there is a large sign with the rules on it that we need to read. They said that no one reads the rules. Anyhow, the must have told Jason that he had to read it, cause when I turned around from taking this (alone with many others) picture of Caitlyn and Brandt the next picture was what I found!

Not too long after we got there clouds started passing in front of the sun and there was a little breeze now and then...

The Splash Park Candids...

These are the pictures that make me laugh!

I'm not positive, but Jason and dad look like they are discussing the water system! :)

The next three pictures show a progression that makes up one funny photo shoot! :)

The first picture shows Jase and Aubrey coming down the slide. The next picture shows Jase's excitement, because he knows what's behind him (if you look real close you can see evidence of what's coming)! :)

Jase quickly jumped out before...

"DADDY" appeared out of the slide

...followed by a quick jump out!

Did I mention the water was really cold!? :)

This last one is super funny to me! I didn't notice it until I put them all on my computer.

Side note: During our adventure Brandt got tripped by a litttle girl. This picture was taken only seconds before the accident...

or, was it an accident!? I don't know about you, but it kind of looks as if she planned it!

Just kidding!