Monday, March 12, 2012

10 Months Old!!!

I can't believe our baby is 10 months old today!

Benson is growing and learning so fast! He loves to tease to dogs with food (acting like he will give them some and then when they get close he'll hurry to put it in his own mouth), loves to take things apart, loves to walk around the room trying to find the most noisy things he can hit or rub something against, loves to scream instead of just babble, loves to dance to any kind of music (he'll start dancing the minute he hears something that sounds like music, even if it only lasts half of a commercial) and he loves books! Here are some pictures from the last few months. Benson enjoys spending time with friends and family and simply loves to make people laugh! He's our social little comedian. :) WE LOVE YOU, BENSON!!!

Here's a little Benson Blooper: