Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Baby Room/exercise room/guest room/room dogs aren't allowed in... :)

When you walk down the hall it's the first door on the left...


White walls are ready to paint!

Thanks mom and dad for coming to help us on yet another project! Sure is nice to have great help so close!

Last wall to paint (the dark one)! :)

I was too excited to finally be able to put the crib and changing table up... even though the room was still a mess. :)

Shelves we bought at DI... not sure if we'll actually use all/any of them, but they were only a couple dollars all together, so either way, we're good. :)

Starting to paint the shelves.

The shelves are finally painted! The wood-looking shadow box is a light fixture from the other room that we broke. So, now it's a shadow box to hang on the wall and we'll have to figure out something grand to put in it.

Here's the somewhat-finished view from the door. Minus the baby swing, glass shelf, and the wall hangings (above) that have yet to be put up.

These are pictures of how it looks currently. We are still not sure where to put those shelves I painted and a little unclear as to what else we will end up putting on our walls. :) I figured I might as well post, cause I'm not sure the walls will be done by the time the baby comes. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

32 Weeks...

Here's our 32 week picture...

Monday, March 7, 2011

FINALLY!!! Pics from our house...

We'll have to start with the kitchen and move our way back as we go (which may take time, considering we haven't started on our bathroom or baby room). :)

Welcome to our home!


Nice dishwasher hookup huh!? :)

While Trav was at work I decided to work on the floor for a bit (about 30 weeks pregnant... a little sore the next day). This is a picture of my plug-up-the-hole job. Figured it would help. The people that put in our dryer did an amazing job running the wrong stuff all the way through the floor and out into the garage. So, we had to create a new hole.

Here's where you can see the new hole we had to make for the dryer vent. Eventually when we have the money to rip out our whole kitchen we'll have the dryer vent run out back instead of into the garage. :)

Trav was getting excited for it to be done. I had to take a picture, cause I think it's cute! :)

Crazy workers!

The big mess for me to clean up the next day. We had a bit of a leaking problem under the sink, which is why everything is on the counter...

Finished!!! :)
After putting up curtains, getting a couple new appliances (since our others were not working like they should), and putting in a new floor... this kitchen is definitely looking good! :)


Taking down the shade things...

Our new curtains (of course I had to throw in a couple pictures with Lillie... shows you how long ago we actually put up the curtains):

Finished!!! :)
After putting up curtains, taking out one of the screens, and getting a new table/chair set... our dining room is complete!