Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two quick items to mention....

First of all:

Can I just tell you all how much I love this tree!?!?

I gave it a haircut this week. It's hair was down to the floor on all sides and it's toenails were sprouting all sorts of new starts... if you know what I mean. Even after all I had to do it is STILL my favoite thing in the yard! Mom said when I have a house she'll let me dig it up... but maybe I'll just have to figure out what it is and make my own version! :)


Does anyone happen to know who these belong to? Grandpa just brought them over saying they belong to some of my parent's grandkids... claim them if you can!! :)

These flops gave me a GREAT idea, however. I think I might have to create another blog next week. I'll have to think of a great name for it, but whenever I come across something in the house that I think doesn't (or shouldn't) belong here I'll put it on the blog and you can all bid on them! If no one bids on the items after one week you will be able to find them at the local DI! :) Love ya!


I think this room might have been an elephant of a bite for one like me to chew... we'll see how it turns out, I guess!

Here is the duvet cover. We got a blue back for it, but yesterday when I was putting them together I decided I didn't like it at all. So, I'm going to just do a white back. I also have to sew the stripes together... it's in two large pieces.

This picture shows how the white will be seen only at the very top of the bed and I'm going to see if I can't find buttons to match the colors while I am in Idaho Falls today.

I have NO idea how to sew button holes, but we'll soon find out I suppose! Wish me luck with that!

This is the shower curtain we got to make curtains out of...

I love the texture of it!

Hopefully these will be as easy to make as I picture it being in my head!?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The rest of yesterday...

After creating that masterpiece I finished hanging up the curtains that have been waiting patiently for me for quite some time.

Yesterday I also put the blinds up in my window and finished the closet (except for the detail work that I need white paint for).

I put a second coat on one wall and part of the first coat on this wall.

I hope this week I'll be able to finish painting the color and start sewing the curtains and duvet cover.

Yesterday's progress...

This past weekend I went to a farmer's market. There was a painting that I thought looked pretty fun and I figured I could actually do something like it... maybe!? This painting had a bunch of splatters of colors except two squares that were splattered a lighter color. So, I decided to go with a flower on three seperate paintings instead of just the one. Well, this is what I came up on the simple paint program first thing yesterday morning...

However, before I show you that I should show you the desk! My mom said to go ahead and paint it, my dad said painting wood is silly... so, here is the 'before' of that project:

Okay, now back to the painting(s)...

The Final Result...

which will look nothing like this, by the way! ;) The colors will be the same as those in the closet and they will come out from the wall with the sides being painted the dark green color on the drawers. Can't wait!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Saturday morning I drove up to spend the night at Marchelle's place. We went to see Kate and Bekah. It was good to see them! We went swimming and then out to eat. We were all in silly moods, so these are some of the pictures...

This is Marchelle talking to Bekah on the phone asking her what she's doing... then she told Bekah I was in town. It was supposed to be a suprise, Marchelle!!! ;) jk

Bekah and I

Kate and Marchelle

This was a pretty sunset I saw on on our drive back up to Marchelle's place.

The Microwave...

So, I went to Utah last week to help Bruce and Elisa move. Mostly I tried to keep the kids occupied while Elisa packed and then her and Bruce would load thing up in the nights to drive them over to the new place and things of that nature...

Well, the realtor called them and said that the people moving into their home would have help Friday morning at 7am and wondered if Bruce and Elisa could be moved out by then. Well, it was a day earlier than planned, so Thursday after work Bruce and Elisa packed one more load in a truck and on the traylor. Well, when they got back to the new place Bruce felt pretty sick, so he stayed there with the kids while Elisa and I did the rest.

I'm not exactly sure that I was much help (reguardless of what Elisa's blog might say), but I sure tried. It's kind of hard to try and pack other people's things, cause there's nothing like wanting to find something in your new place and not being sure who packed it in what box or if it even made it to the house! :)

Anyhow, that night it was completely different! Elisa didn't care what box anything was in, or if it even made it in a box... she was done! We took a full load to the apartment and left it there while we took two cars back to the house for all the rest.

At that point it was pretty late and we were both getting pretty tired. Elisa wanted it to look real nice for the new owners, so we cleaned the best we could. I took out my camera so we could document our late night 'fun!' :)

This is a picture of me on top of the cupboard above where the fridge used to be... I'm taking down one of the surround speakers that we almost forgot all about.

Not sure if you read Elisa's blog, but the microwave story was documented as well! Oh yes, the owners of the house wanted the microwave out, so there we were unscrewing the screws that held it in place.
It was funny, cause Elisa was standing there ready to catch the thing while I unscrewed it. But, it never fell!
We looked everywhere around the darn thing to see where more screws would be or if there was some ledge it was one... but nothing was found! Elisa even unscrewed the vents at the bottom to see if that was holding it to the wall somehow, but that didn't work either.

We even tried to pull REAL hard... we yanked and yanked, wiggled and wiggled and everything else we could think of, but it didn't budge. Hopefully the owners will figure it out. If not, I hope they saw the screws sitting there that we didn't put back in. Course, I guess those screws weren't really there for any good reason anyhow. :)

The Concert...

Well, the day after we got back from Oregon I was headed down to Utah! When I got into Utah my friend asked if I would go to a concert with her. Well, the plan was for me to babysit for Bruce and Elisa while they went to the concert. Being the night before the concert I told my friend that I didn't think it would work. However, the morning of Elisa called around and found a babysitter! :) I was so excited!!!

I was SOOO excited for Colbie Caillat to sing! I didn't take too many pictures of her, because I was worried that the camera was going to run out of bateries. She sang a Jackson Five song that we all got to stand up and dance to, so that was fun!

This is Marchelle and I... she took me to the concert for my birthday. Man, this has been quite the birthday season for me! She got the tickets from a coworker that couldn't go or something!? They were in the very front section, far right and back row.

Here are a couple pictures of John Mayer. He's actually quite amazing! He playes the guitar super well, has a great voice and is pretty fun to watch.

Thanks for taking me to the concert, Marchelle! You're awesome!!!


Well, the week before last I was able to catch a ride with the parents, Brooke and the kids up to Oregon to see my grandparents. I hadn't been there for four or so years, so a lot had changed since then! Here are a few of the pictures I took while I was there.

Everything looked so beautiful!

Let the fun begin...

I didn't take too many pictures during the trip... I always forget to whip out my camera while we are playing games, but we sure did play some! It was fun to pick berries from the garden and play games in the yard.

Playing hide and seak with the kids was one of my favorites. We played it quite a few times. While I was hiding I thought of a couple great places to hide for the next couple rounds. So, the next time I hid in the grill area. Then the next time I had planned to hide up in this great big tree...

...well, when I got up there and felt REAL proud about the spot I had for myself I looked over and on the other side of that same tree I spotted Brooke's toes! It was so funny that I couldn't stop laughing the entire time! I couldn't see her face or anything else. I tried not to look over at all, but I kept seeing those toes and ankles in my mind and couldn't stop laughing! :) Good times!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday and Tuesday Mornings...

Well, I wasn't able to get much done yesterday and today, but I did work a little in the mornings. Brooke and kids came yesterday, so we spent time playing yesterday afternoon and evening. Then today I worked only for an hour or two and then I had to pack and get ready for our trip to Oregon! :)

I was able to put the first coat on that light green wall and the first coat on the top stripe in the closet. Other then that I was working on detail work. The close up picture of the window edge shows how I had to use a small brush to try and straighten the lines on the sides of the window. If you also look at that picture you can see the difference between the side that I did and the top that I have yet to do.

I will be gone for the next two weeks, so I will not be working on the room until I get back. Until then, have a fantastic one!!! :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday update...

I wasn't able to do too much today. I got a phone call telling me that I had to go to the Badger Reunion today, so I finished the light blue and then washed everything (including a shower for me). I thought I'd blog before I go. Here are more pictures of the progress!

What's left!? Well, if you haven't already noticed, the dark green stripe in the closet has only had one coat, and the dark green strip shown in this picture also only has one coat.

Besides that, all I have left is the light green for the top stripe in the closet and the other three sides of the bedroom that aren't dark green. After I do those I will need to take a very small brush to all my lines to make them straighter. I'm getting excited, I think it's starting to look pretty nice!

Let's just hope that all the colors match the bed spread and curtains well! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Update...

Today went pretty slow. It's hard to use different colors, cause you have to clean everything and dry them between each step. But, it has been pretty fun and I think it might look pretty nice!

I took pictures of the closet along the way today. I'm also showing a picture of what the dark green wall looks like right now. I didn't do too much in the main room besides that wall today.
Anywho, I hope ya'll enjoy!!!