Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What happens in Las Vegas...

So, Candace and I took our time as we headed down to California. We spend a night with Elisa (thanks Lula for letting us stay with you!!!!!), and then spent the next night in Mesquite so that we could tour around in Las Vegas for a few hours before our arrival in Cali!

Well, I'll have to finish our trip to Cali at a later time... stay tuned!

Jackson Hole!

Well, Candace had never been to Jackson Hole before... I thought I'd be an amazing tour guide for this little adventure. Yet, little did I know that I hadn't seen many of the great sights of Jackson myself! We just drove to the main square area and walked around. Here are some silly pictures we took of that trip...

I believe the first place we went to was this little book shop (basically we were trying to find a bathroom, but while we were there I decided to look for a book my mom would like. This particular book we're holding was pretty good until the end... just in case you can't read those words on the last page it says, "A princess is a place in your heart." I just want to know who decided to put that strange moral of the story right next to a kids mirror that distorts your features!?

The next couple show the cute reading chair thing for the kids to sit in while they look at the books. We decided to try it out. If you look close I'm looking quite angry in this picture... that's what happens when you create a book called the red dot and I can't find a red dot anywhere on that page!

This big moose (I think that's what it is) was too big to pass up! I'm sure the store was more than happy for me to sit on it! :)


Last semester my roommates and I had the opportunity to get apartment photos after FHE one day. We didn't know we were going to get snap shots, so we didn't get dressed up or anything. Anyhow, just thought I'd share!

The first two are of the whole FHE group that night. The last one is the six of us roommates. Good times!