Friday, July 31, 2009

MY CUTE NEPHEW and my SHORT Hair Cut...

Max Kingstan IS HERE!!!! I'm so excited to see him in person in a couple weeks! He's a little chunk like me when I was born (only I weighed 1lb 3oz more)! :)

Here's a few pictures of my haircut that Elisa took a couple days ago:

Half-way through the shoot I decided I need someone in the pictures with me...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blessings and testimonies...

I felt a little guilty for not getting up during our family's testimony fireside because I had so much I felt I should say. This post is mostly to express what I should have said then.

As I sat there listening to testimonies I began to reflect a bit. Tomorrow I will be graduating from college! If life would have gone as I thought it would when I was little, at age 25 I would be married with 2 1/2 kids and a dog. :)

Even though being 25 is far from what I had planned, I have been able to find great strength in my simple testimony and plenty of joy along the way!

Throughout school (for the past 12 years or so) I have probably had an average of 2-3 migranes a week. I have always been nervous that I would not be able to accomplish much because of this. If life was all about grades and getting the best jobs I would have given up. I am not saying good grades and a great job are not wonderful goals to have, but when I go to the temple I am able to see the bigger picture and I realize they are not the most important goals.

It has been 12 semesters of hard work, but I have finally accomplished something I never thought I would have! I have met some amazing people and have had a wonderful time learning. I am truly grateful to have faith in something bigger than this life of limited abilities and physical struggles. The gospel is amazing and I am grateful to be a part of it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!, "before pictures,' and ... School Loans

So, I had a wonderful birthday a week and a half ago... :) I just got these pictures off my sister's and mom's blogs and thought I'd post it. I love having family around! These pictures were taken on my Happy Day. These were all my nieces and nephews that were able to make it to my party. Well, all except one. Baby Zachary was in the other room.

Here are some other pictures that I found on family blogs (I seem to only have my pictures taken with the youngest nieces and nephews... that does not mean I love them more!). These can be some of my 'before' pictures... I'll be cutting my hair in about... two and a half weeks! :)

This was taken at my best friend's wedding. I had to throw it in, because I think it's awesome!

Now for the last bit of info. I was going through my papers and found out that since I have only taken 9 credits this semester it might not count and my 6 month vacation from paying back school loans might be ending in October. So, I will not be buying a camera after all... at least not yet! Thanks for all your advice. I will have more time to look into getting a great deal now!