Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Decent!

The start of our journey was pretty hard, but very much worth it! We had to drive about 6 hours from Las Vegas, so we started our hike down in the middle of a pretty hot day! There were some amazing views along the way. I tried to capture the jist of the trip so that I wouldn't use up all my camera batteries before actually getting to the falls.The first picture is of Carey and I at the top of the Grand Canyon. The next two show my five fellow hikers and what we had to hike down at the beginning. Then the last two pictures show the hike at bottom of the canyon.

This last picture is my favorite! We were hiking through rocks for a few miles and finally we saw our first sign of life (besides sagebrush and cactus). It was beautiful!


Amy Stanger said...

How fun! Havasu Falls are amazing. Looks like you had a blast. When I got to the water pics, I think I was excited to see the water as you must have been - after hiking in that dry heat! I'm glad you're safe after all the steep hiking and the hanging off cliffs to take pictures :) Thanks for risking your life for our viewing pleasure. I'm excited for you to come stay with me soon. Love you!

Jason,Tiffany, & the Crew said...

You amaze me, I can't believe how adventurous you are. The pictures you took are breathtaking. You will have to show me more when we visit you in Rexburg. I love you sis, have a great day! -Tiff

Heather said...

Wow, I'm so glad you have a blog so I can live through you. What an amazing adventure. The pictures are breath taking, the water looks so fun to swim in, and the hike looks extremely hot. What a great time and great friends.

Teresa said...

How incredible.
Thanks for taking these pictures for us all to see!

Jake and Annika said...

Ashley, welcome to the blogging world cute girl! I can't wait to read all the marvelous things you've been up to! Love your Jack Johnson music by the way, my fave!