Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 11:

Our guides were gone for a long time last night after our 'night hike.' This morning we found out our English speaking guide left (probably because of the mosquitos). So, we picked him up in the morning before heading back to breakfast.

This is what I saw from my hammock in th morning.
I was SOOO excited when it got light, cause that meant morning!
I sure didn't sleep much that night, but it was an adventure, right!?

After breakfast we took naps and relaxed.
After lunch we packed and then got ready to go on our last adventure here.

We drove over to the tower!
When dad was going up the first steps he wasn't too sure about it.
But, those ones were the worst.
These pictures are all about the tower and the view from various heights.
There was a big rain cloud across the lake...
so that's in a lot of the pictures.
I was pretty nervous to stand by the edge in the next three pictures.
It was swaying quite a bit!

We made it!!

This is our last night here! Tomorrow we will return to Manaus and then travel to feed dolphans!

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