Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 10:

We woke up early the next morning to watch the sun rise from the canoe out on the lake. It was awesome!

This reminds me of the Lion King for some reason... wrong continent, I know!

I could start a postcard company! ;)

After breakfast we had some time to nap.
Then we went to see the 'indians.'

I am pointing to the bananas in this banana tree.

Chicken house.
These are the starts for a very popular plant in Brazil.
It is similar to a potato, but not really.
Garden in a boat.

I had to start using black and white to make it look a little more...
'this is what I saw on the discovery chanel before I left' :)

You can see the water line on the old house.

So, they built this new house.

I'm standing next to the old house.
The line of water is over my head and this is not that close to the river!

I had to throw in these next two so you could see how un'indian' it was.

We were in the canoe heading back.
I was taking lots of pictures, like usual, when someone in this house saw me.
Soon there were a few heads at the window.

I loved these plands and they had very pretty purple flowers.

After lunch we headed out to where we will be spending the night.
It was the place where we started our jungle hike the other day.
This is just a picture of ants walking single file on a log.

They had told dad he was going to build the fire earlier.
For some reason dad thought we would have a competition...
so we came prepared with hair spray and paper.
However, dad started it just fine and it was not a competition.

It is a little bit hard to see, but there is a lizard on this tree trunk.

For dinner our guides seasoned and skewered chunks of chicken.
I was a little nervous, but they were super! We also had rice.

This is where we will be sleeping tonight!

Time to eat!

I Spy... can you find it!?

Maybe this close up will help.

Our contract said that we would be going on a night hike
(since that is when most the animals come out).
Well, our guide said he never goes out at night
(since he is afraid of snakes and mosquitos).
Well, dad and I wanted a night hike, so we ventured off by ourselves
(since our fearless guide went to bed right after dinner).

Side note: I feel a little like Julie Andrews when wearing that hat.

After taking pictures and not really paying attention to where we were going...
I started to get nervous, cause dad was turning in a direction I didn't think we should be going in.
It was a scary few minutes!
We were trying to find water to walk along, but when we got close to water there were loud splashes.
It was probably either alligators, snakes, or iguanas, but none of those sounded good in the night.
I no longer wanted to walk by the water.
Well, we made it back!
I was very uncomfortable when trying to go to bed.
It was super hot, mosquitos were everywhere, and I couldn't get comfortable in the hammock.
What do you do!? I did the only thing I could think of to pass the time...
take silly pictures! :)
I have loads of them, but this was my favorite.
I told dad to look at me and I shined a flashlight in his direction.
I couldn't see any of him except when I looked through the camera.
Can you see him!? :)

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Natalie said...

These pics are so great!!! I can't wait to hear more stories in person! LOVE IT!