Sunday, February 10, 2008


So, I promised some of you pictures of this event a long time ago... well, I finally decided to take this time to post them!

Last semester mom publicized a university wide art show... I'm not sure that's exactly the tradition of the gallery, but she didn't realize. Well, my roommate and I stayed up late the night before to paint our masterpiece! We finished the day that they were to be turned in, but just barely! We didn't have anything to put the frame on with, so we taped it on! :)

Needless to say our painting didn't make it to the actual show. They only choose so many for each type of art to actually be hung. However, since my mother happened to manage the gallery... :D Oh yeah!

Bet you can't tell which one is ours!!! :)

We took the masterpiece to the gallery one night and had mom take pictures of us with our (what does that say... 2nd place!?!) picture!!! ;)

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E-licious! said...

Sometimes, its what you know..
Sometimes, its who you know..
Sometimes, its who knows you..
Sometimes, its you know who!