Saturday, August 15, 2009


Well, I may have packed a little too much... but I don't know what to expect! :)

Here's almost everything that I need to take...

Paige got me that awesome CamelBak! I'm excited to use it!!! THANK YOU PAIGE!
Do you think it will all fit in that blue backpack!? Yes, that is a pillow you see behind the backpack... and yes, I do want to fit my CamelBak in there too. :)

My teacher gave me a $25 gift certificit to Deseret Book... with some of that money I bought these... I'm super excited about my little leather journal!

After trying and trying to pack it all inI had to move to plan B. I mean, I made it SUPER close, but I didn't want to leave all my clothes behind. ;)
Well, I fit everything in including my pillow and CamelBak (can you see my nice bright blue SeaWorld Poncho!?). Now all I need to do is make sure it will fit on the airplane. I also want to make sure I can use my CamelBak as a second carry-on in case I find something(s) in Brazil I can't live without! ;) Wish me luck!

Mom got me this sweater the other day at DI! Awesome!
...don't worry, I didn't pack it! :)

When I get home I'm going to take a picture of everything I take out of my bags... then everyone will come to me for packing tips! :)

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Elisa said...

You win! You officially get to pack for us every trip we go on now! Thank you!!