Thursday, September 11, 2008

A New Semester!!!

So, Natalie's question, and the fact that I'm getting pretty excited about the things that I'm learning, made me want to start posting some of the things that I'm learning this semester. Also, if anyone has any questions I could address in a class for another opinion... feel free to ask away!

The classes I am taking at the moment:

1. Principles of Learning - this deals with teaching/learning behavior. I will be training a chicken and rat in this class... possibly using some techniques on a child as well.

2. Research Methods - probably not something you'd be too curious about, but the title is self explanitory.

3. Developmental Psychology - this simply deals with development throughout a lifetime, so probably won't be too in depth since we cover so much.

4. Pregnancy - this doesn't need an explination. I am learning SOOO much!!!

5. Abnormal Psychology - I'm not exactly sure where this will be headed, but so far we've discussed what the word 'abnormal' means. I'm thinking this is definately one of my favorite classes so far though!

and... last, but not least:

6. Nutrition and Young Children - this deals with all sorts of information on how to teach your children about foods and what is or is not appropriate practices. It's very interesting to me and I hope to use it a lot!

Anyhow, those are my classes. I hope you are all having wonderful times this Fall!


Natalie said...

Thanks Ashley for your comment! I can use all the help I can get!!! WE miss YOU!

Hassler Family said...

Awesome! Those all sound really interesting. I wish I could sponge from your brain and suck it all up! Did I just say that out loud? ;) I love you!

Roger & Victoria said...

Oh I am so jealous!! I would love those classes...except for the pregnancy one - once was enough (who is your teacher?). But wow - you will love having had that class when you get to that stage (but don't won't experience EVERYTHING they talk about...just a few things...that class can kind of freak you out).

And I need TONS of help in the food department. I could really use some help with teaching a picky 2-year-old to want to eat her dinner. Post what you learn! The principles of learning class would be awesome! Gosh, you could just email me all your notes, and record the lectures, and tell me which textbooks to buy and I would love it. :)

Amy Stanger said...

Ashley, teach me. My kids need you to teach me. :)

Travis and Lindsey said...

Liking the posts... that is a really good idea to post about your classes!