Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Benson!!!

We had a little party for Benson's birthday today.  We had a great time with family at the park!  Thank you everyone for coming!  :)  While there we let Benson eat his cake... those, unfortunately were the only pictures we took of Benson today.  He's so big and walking all over the place these days!  We are having so much fun with Benson and his silly social personality.

Here are some cake pictures. Benson got a little frosting on his finger and tried to wipe it off.  So, I got down and put a little frosting in his mouth and that was all he needed!  :)

First thing Benson went for was the number:

A little foot action:

Benson started to gag a little bit... we needed to stop for a water break:

Benson started to cross his legs because there was a lot of cake and icing on his left leg:

You can see a lot of cake and icing on the back of his leg:

We love you Benson!  Can't believe you're already 1!  We are so glad you joined our home a year ago!  Can't imagine what our lives would be like without you!


Elisa said...

Ha, ha!! I Love his foot action!! He really did go to town on the cake! Priceless!! I Love Him!! Happy Birthday Benson!!

Our Family said...

The park is the perfect place for a party! I am definitely going to keep that in mind for my next one. I love how he just dug into the cake. You gotta love a happy kid!