Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Walk to the Park...

Poor Benson has had a fever yesterday and today.  We're guessing it's because his molars are trying to break through.  He's been super cuddly and tired.  Benson definitely hasn't been his normal independent self at all this weekend.  I love that he wants to just sit on my lap and snuggle, but I wish it was because he enjoys to just sit with mom and not because he is sick.  

Here's Benson falling asleep on dad's lap yesterday (this was not long after we first noticed his fever).  He just wanted to be held.

Our house was pretty hot today, so as soon as the temperature outside got down to the house temperature we opened everything up and went on a walk to the park.  I LOVE that we have a great park so close!  Benson had his first experience with going down the slide.  He wasn't too excited to go down alone so I went with him a few times and he thought it was okay.  :)

Benson also got to try swings for his first time (unless you count the way his daddy would swing him around in his car seat when he was little). Swinging with daddy was super fun!

The camera had a bit of a delay since it was dark and had to flash... so I couldn't see Trav and Benson to center them in the photo... but this action picture show how much Benson loved to swing with dad!  If you look close you can even see Benson's hair standing up as they had just started to fall back down.  :)

Benson got a chance to swing by himself on the park's baby swings.  He wasn't sure about moving that much and not being buckled in tight.

He did love when we played with him though!  That made his nerves leave for a moment.  His hands were holding on tight.

Past his bedtime and getting dark, Benson decided his day of fun was over.

Sleep well, Benson! We hope your fever doesn't come back tonight so you can get all the rest you need!  We love you!


Momma Princess said...

He's still a big smiler even when he doesn't feel good! Love him! His hair standing up and his smile is perfect on the swing picture! So cute!

Sara and Brad Forbush said...

Cute! This looks so much fun! He is too cute.

At Home! said...

What a little Angel man! He loves life and it loves everything about him!!! Hope he is feeling much better. Ahhh, the days when a child just wants to be held...something very magical about that. He is sure precious. Love!