Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Active Little Guy...

I've been asked a lot lately if I've been able to feel the baby. Well, a couple days before Christmas I thought I might have felt something, but I wasn't completely sure. Then on Christmas I was pretty sure I was feeling him move. Well, the day after Christmas he was moving so much in one spot that Trav was able to feel him and the next morning he was all over the place.

Man, that happened quick! This little boy is so active in the mornings it's crazy I haven't felt it before!

Side note:
House updates should be coming soon-ish. Some of my new year's resolutions are to get things finished. I have one big project to finish each month, so we'll see! If anyone wants to come help, you're more than welcome to! :)

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La Candáche said...

Oh, oh! Pick me!!! I'll help you with something :)