Friday, November 18, 2011

Benson buddy...

you just keep growing!

I can't believe Benson is already 6 months old! He now has 6 teeth and loves his food. Benson is too smart! When we play silly repetitive games you can tell he knows what's coming, cause he prepares himself for the falling pony or the tickling baker's man. It's too cute to watch! He smiles so easy and loves to sit and play with his toys or watch the dogs. Benson loves to be with lots of people and enjoys the attention of pretty much anyone! He's quite the social guy!

Last night we took Benson to campus to get a picture with Santa. Santa got Benson to smile pretty big until something he did made Benson cry. It all happened so fast we didn't really get good pictures, here's the free one they took for us. :)

We're so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!!!


At Home! said...

So cute!!! He is such a happy baby! So fun to see all of the updated photos! Thank you so much for sharing...can't wait to hold that Benson boy!!! ;)

Momma Princess said...

Cute! Love the Santa picture! Does he really sleep with his stuffed animals like that? That is awesome! So glad Lincoln has such a fun big, err older buddy!! ;)