Thursday, February 10, 2011

The New Addition! :)

No, don't worry... the baby's not here yet. :)

A few weeks ago Lillie was acting depressed, so we figured we better hurry and get her a little friend before the baby comes and she's super depressed!

Here's Lillie introducing her new friend:

Meet our new addition, CHEWIE:

Chewie was able to get used to Lillie pretty quickly and is now able to defend himself... for the most part. They are sure enjoying each other's company though!

Here's a picture of nap time:

Here's Lillie and Chewie playing tug-a-war (Lillie could easily rip it from him, but enjoys letting him play for a time):

Today's photo shoot:

It wasn't until after Chewie's hair cut (just the part in front of his eyes) that we noticed he has a bit of a googly eye. With his funny eye and massive underbite you might think he's stupid, but we love him just the same (even more if the truth be told)! :)


Amy said...

ha! He's cute!

e.brooke said...


Love Your Day! said...

He is such a fluffery flouncy cute mop sorta thing! When they get running and sliding on the kitchen floor, it is so fun to watch. Come on over-------- soon! ;)

Tricia said...

Okay, so I'm SO not an animal person, but these two little guys are SO CUTE!!!